Dr. Carrie Chojnowski

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Naturopathic Doctor

Lyme-Literate Physician

Plant medicine healer

Soul-centered Practitioner

Science-based, Spirit-led Medicine

I've built my practice on the belief that each and every individual has a divine right to health  with doctors who think outside of the box.

You’re here because you refuse to settle.

Let’s work together to initiate healing on all levels.
There are endless paths to achieve vitality, and often times, ultimate wellness is on the other side of your comfort zone.  

I’m here to help you unlock your deepest level of healing so you are free to reach your soul's potential. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Carrie, ND

I've been practicing functional medicine for over a decade, and I’ve committed my career to being a skilled listener. 

This is what medicine should be about – looking beyond your patient history and truly feeling heard and most importantly, believed.  

True healing cannot occur when we treat using a symptom-based approach. I approach your health from a holistic lens — I don’t believe your health concerns are too complicated, nor that you should have to see a number of different specialists to find answers. Most of my patients remark that they have never had such a thorough initial visit, and they've never felt so heard and seen. 

I currently live in Northern Italy, but see patients all over the world via telemedicine. I also return to my office in Amherst, NH quarterly to see patients in person.

Dr. Chojnowski is the best doctor I've ever had.

It's SO great to be feeling like I can live a normal life!

— Angie k.

She asks the right questions, really listens to your answers, and offers treatment options that you decide on together. Her holistic approach is realistic, supportive, and effective.
It is clear she really cares about her patients.
I cannot recommend her highly enough!

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I would love to help you reach your ultimate health goals. 
I look forward to this shared journey.

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If you're into natural living, walking into your soul's purpose with wild, passionate abandon, along with my musings, and little moments of beauty... You've come to the right place. 

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