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I am relentless

In the pursuit of complete healing.

My goal in this process is to get to a place where I don’t need to see my patient anymore, because they are 100% well. It gives me an incredible joy knowing they’re living their best life.

Become a Patient

We are committed to providing high-quality holistic care no matter the circumstances. 

We have an organized format and in-depth patient paperwork. Our office has clear systems and flow, and my team is also very available and highly adaptable. 

When booking your first appointment, please let us know your preference: an in-person visit with our incredible nurse, Cassie, who facilitates all patient care under Dr. Carrie, or a convenient telehealth visit directly with Dr. Carrie. 

real results

"Dr. Carrie changed my life. My whole damn life. I would still be bedridden if it wasn't for her.

She believed me when no other "best-of-the-best" specialist could figure out what was wrong. She invited me to take a dynamic role in my healing - allowing me to move from a sideline viewer to an active participant. 

My autoimmune disorders once ran my life - now I have it back!
She is simply the most intuitive, incredible healer I've met. And I'll be eternally grateful.

- T.H,


"I have had Lyme for several years now, and through it all, Dr. Carrie has been there helping me.

She is understanding and always listens to what you want and never tries to pressure you into anything. She is a wonderful doctor and I will definitely continue going to her!"

- E.E





Access to your naturopathic doctor is easier than ever with digital medicine. Telehealth gives our patients one-on-one personalized care from the comfort of their own homes. 



In-person visits at the Amherst, NH office with our nurse, Cassie. Or quarterly for existing patients with Dr. Carrie.



If you are currently a patient, please head to the patient portal and sign in using your credentials.

Let's be real.

Health is your greatest asset.

It’s time to take empowered action and step into your sovereign health.

My goal is to provide you a pathway to healing and true health.

Then, this is
your time...

desire true health?

I can't wait to help you elevate your life. You deserve to live your best life - so let's get you there!

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If you're into natural living, walking into your soul's purpose with wild, passionate abandon, along with my musings, and little moments of beauty... You've come to the right place. 

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