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Do you accept insurance?

No, but we will happily provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company if they cover out-of-network providers who provide integrative medicine.

Just like an in-person appointment, payment is expected at the conclusion of your appointment. 

Q. How long is the first appointment?

The initial consultation with our naturopathic doctor is 90 to 120 minutes, and it is time spent truly understanding you — your history, your previous diagnoses and treatments to ensure we are beginning from a fresh space and perspective. This is a verbal discovery forum to establish where you’ve been, and where you’re looking to go on your personal wellness journey.

Q. What about follow-up visits?

Follow-up visits are generally between 15 to 60 minutes long, and are scheduled based on your individual needs. Follow-up appointments are virtual or over the phone, but can be handled face-to-face as logistics allow.

You’ll receive a clear treatment plan at the end of our visit for your individualized and holistic approach to healing. The practice manager reviews the plan, goes over any questions, and ensures you’re able to access all of the recommended products through our system. A follow-up appointment is scheduled so we can thoroughly review how you are benefitting from the treatments, and of course, my office is always available for questions and concerns. 

Q. What happens after our first appointment?

How do I prepare for my telemedicine visit?

Find a quiet, comfortable place for your appointment with the least potential for interruption. Please consider that you may be discussing sensitive information. 

For video appointments, please make sure you are in the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before your appointment time, and silence your phone. The link to your private Zoom meeting is sent in your appointment confirmation email.

For phone or FaceTime appointments, please make sure your phone is charged or plugged in and your ringer is on. Dr. Chojnowski will call you at your appointment time.

You will receive a treatment plan after your visit, but it is a good idea to have a notebook so you can take notes during your appointment, and keep track of any questions you may have. 
If you experience technical issues before or during your appointment, call or text our office immediately at +1 (603) 932 - 3875. Our practice manager can usually help troubleshoot and reach out to Dr. Chojnowski in real time regarding these issues.

In the uncommon event that Dr. Chojnowski is running late, you will receive a text or phone call from our office.

Q. How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Please message the practice manager via the patient portal, or call the office directly at +1 (603) 932 - 3875.

Q. Do I have to sign up for the patient portal? 

Yes, this is the most secure and efficient way to facilitate communication between our patients and the office. It also allows you to schedule appointments, access your treatment plans, and results of labs and imaging.

You may not cancel an appointment via the patient portal.
Please call the office or message the practice manager via the patient portal to cancel or reschedule.

Yes, she can order conventional labs and imaging studies. Insurance usually covers conventional labs and imaging, but you will need to contact your insurance provider to verify. When appropriate, Dr. Chojnowski also tests hormones, GI function, and food sensitivities.

You can fax lab reports and information to (833) 904 - 0090.

Q. Can Dr. Chojnowski order labs and imaging studies? 

Q. Can Dr. Chojnowski prescribe medication?

With a few exceptions, yes. Dr. Chojnowski has broad prescribing capabilities and uses medications when she deems it necessary, though ultimately her goal is to get you off of your medications and into a state of balance and health. 

Straight-forward questions relating to current issues being addressed can be submitted via the patient portal. More complex questions requiring in-depth responses may require a scheduled appointment. We do our best to respond to messages within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday, and within 48 hours on weekends and holidays.  

Q. What if I have questions between my appointments?

It's still the same practice, same high-quality services, and patient-focused care.
But I have changed the name of my practice to align with and reflect my current place in time, while making it easier for patients to find me!

Rest assured that while my practice name has changed, the only other changes I'm continuing to make are adding more services and programs to serve you more deeply.

Q. I thought your practice was called Sole Vitae? What's changed?

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